About Us

FIRE STOPPING DESIGN – We are here to act as the safety net for architects, MEP Contractors, designers and main contractors. All too often the fire stopping is overlooked at design stage which leads to a non-compliant building and costing some parties MILLIONS of pounds which can be avoided when using our expertise. We can help with service opening sizes and positioning as well as the spacing between services to ensure a compliant fire stopping installation.

Redfire Consultants draw on over 50 years of experience within the passive fire protection industry. We have experience working on various building types including: hospitals, pharmaceuticals, theatres, historical buildings, hotels, residential apartments, airports, offices and industrial warehouses. Our staff have knowledge of a vast number of passive fire protection systems both old and new.

What is Passive Fire Protection?

Passive fire protection aims to contain and delay the spread of smoke, fire and heat throughout a building. This is provided by sealing around penetrating services such as cables, pipes, ductwork etc through walls and floors to compartmentalise the property in accordance with your fire strategy. This provides vital minutes to saves lives of the occupants, the fire service, building assets and the structure of the building.

When a building is refurbished or updated the passive fire protection is often compromised leaving breaches to the fire compartments. REDFIRE Consultants can offer a comprehensive fire survey and report to show where these breaches are.